Photo Shoots

General Info

  • Professional photography sessions now require reservations and appointment times.
  • Photographers need to book these appointments, not the customer receiving the photos.
  • Proof of liability insurance is REQUIRED and needs to be provided upon arrival at Sand Haven Pines.
  • Payment is due upon arrival at Sand Haven Pines.
  • Small props are welcome on the property. Larger props and vehicles must be approved prior to arrival on the property.
    • Only a few sections allow for larger props and vehicles.
  • We will not store props on the property!
    • They must be removed at the end of your sessions.
  • Please report to the sales office prior to any session starts and have clients report to the sales office so we can direct everyone to the appropriate photo section.
  • Photographers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the session time to allow for payment, verification of insurance, and directions to the appropriate section. Do NOT be late to your sessions! Tardiness of 30 minutes after the session start time will result in cancellation of the session!
    • For example, if your session starts at 10AM, please arrive at 9:45AM for payments, etc.  If you do not arrive by 10:30AM, the session will be cancelled.

Booking and Pricing

Session Length Price
2 Hour Time Slot $150.00/slot
6 Hour Time Slot $400.00/slot